New Company, New Location

It's almost been a year, therefore it's a good time to do a quick update on junk.

I haven't spoken about Outer Spice in a bit. For now I'll just drop these few images for a concept artist that my partner is working on. We're starting to conceptualize on what some of our worlds and people will look like:

In other news just went worldwide with a new mobile title in a new company that I'm working for, Tropical Treats! I'd love to hear you guys' feedback. Lemme know if the game feels nice, art is pretty, levels too hard, etc. 


One project, Two project, THREE!

I've been slackin' on updating this blog post but I need to do some quick updates.

First Outer Spice, we just started adding in more dialog for our first test scene, right now I'm looking to get some placeholder characters so we can test out our new dialog system. Luckily the tool I'm using also has a quick time event going on, which is nice. But right now I'm digging through all my projects I've tried to deconstruct in the past, so maybe you'll be seeing a game full of Team Fortress characters in a weird checkerbox world.

Next is another project that I'm kinda codenaming "Biography". Which isn't a really good codename it's just what it is. 

I also took on a freelancing gig to help out some dudes flesh out their mobile game. Which shouldn't take up too much of my time to keep doing the other things.

Taking on three projects seems like a small mistake but at least the freelancing thing is just requiring little time. I'll post some more screenshots later. Hell. Hopefully I can finally start showing gameplay!

Projects, Projects, Projects

It's been a while since I posted any updates to my Overwatch map as well as any updates to my one of many projects "Outer Spice". Due to some life things that I had to go adult. 

I guess I'm gonna have to hold off a little while on Overwatch since I'm now helping a bunch of my buddies with their projects to hopefully become a reality. 

For now here's a small picture to keep an update on how Outer Spice is going:

It's a long long process, and this is mostly episode 1. Funny enough this is just the draft version. We still have a few more iterations to make. 

I'm gonna post more often to keep track of the other projects I have going on: Project Dva, Willy Wonka, AutoCorrect Podcast, and hopefully get back to Overwatch! (Jeez. Good luck sleep.)

First Post!

Let this be a warning! This log/blog is in no way the right way to write english. It’s going to be a raw memory dump blog.

I’m going to use this section of the “Log” to document my personal work. This got me thinking that this log would be a good time to see some personal growth, good or bad. Hopefully this will be the first place I can learn where I made my mistakes to learn from.

For some exciting news for this blog, it will also be keeping track of a side project I’ve been working on called “Outer Spice”. I’ve been working on this with my good friend Benji. We are going to make it episodic in order to manage our workload to be manageable since we have some full-time jobs. I will post more progress later.

That’s all I got for now! Laters.