Projects, Projects, Projects

It's been a while since I posted any updates to my Overwatch map as well as any updates to my one of many projects "Outer Spice". Due to some life things that I had to go adult. 

I guess I'm gonna have to hold off a little while on Overwatch since I'm now helping a bunch of my buddies with their projects to hopefully become a reality. 

For now here's a small picture to keep an update on how Outer Spice is going:

It's a long long process, and this is mostly episode 1. Funny enough this is just the draft version. We still have a few more iterations to make. 

I'm gonna post more often to keep track of the other projects I have going on: Project Dva, Willy Wonka, AutoCorrect Podcast, and hopefully get back to Overwatch! (Jeez. Good luck sleep.)

Monster Hunter. Pokemon Go. Stranger Things. Overwatch Map. Oh my!!

When the day arrives of Blizzard making an Overwatch editor, I'm probably gonna have to redo this map. Not to mention the lore of Overwatch will probably destroy this concept... BUT I'm gonna try to finish this before they ruin that.

I'm not totally sure what to call this place yet but I will share my quick little doc that I made that will explain the story and more. For what I will show right now is that it is a payload to capture point and the setting is on the moon.

Hopefully I can work with my buddy to realize this Overwatch map properly. We'll be doing this in Unreal (or if Blizzard is reading this... their editor!!). I'll show more soon. Once I stop playing so much Monster Hunter!!

Mapcore Contest Final

This is what I submitted to the MapCoreContest. There are some flaws but I'm pretty happy for how it turned out. Considering it was a map that I worked on for only a few hours a week.

If you have a chance to play it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you like or dislike. OR! If you even like or dislike something you see shoot me a message!

Download Link: (Note: You must have unreal editor installed!)

Mapcore Contest Part 5

This is gonna be the last update until I submit. I would love to know what y'all think about it, as long as its constructive! Whether that is the design, spawn points, prop placement, lighting, etc. I would like to know what you guys have in mind to make the next map better. 

Download Link:

Added some props to break up repeating textures.

Added some props to break up repeating textures.

I wish I had more time to add some more uniqueness to the bits of the map. I tried my best to give sections of the map landmarks in thinking if this map was ever played competitively. (i.e. Room full of metal, open roof, etc.)

Mapcore Contest Part Four

Quick update for the Turf map for the Mapcore contest. (Mostly because Jenny made me self conscious about  my last update). 


I've been placing some assets within the level and trying to light the map properly. July 4th is the deadline for the contest. So here's some pictures to take a look at I'll try to toss another update between now and then.

Mapcore Contest Part Tres

It's been awhile since I've last updated. Mostly because I got distracted with Uncharted, Overwatch, and Paragon (which you guys should totally get around to checking out). Buuuuut, now that I beat Uncharted and played "enough" Overwatch/Paragon, I have a small update for the Mapcore contest.

I officially named the map "UT-Turf". It's been submitted for phase 1 of the contest. (Which is just to submit a whitebox layout with player/weapon spawns around the map). Phase 2 is supposed to be more focused around art and polish. Polish can also imply that there will be improvements to gameplay. If you guys are interested, and have Unreal installed, you can take a look at it here ( 

Currently I'm just trying to find the feel and look for the map. I decided to go with the whole "medevil-metal-look-future-fi". I scavenged the props Epic has and now I'm just gonna try to populate and light this level as best as I can.  

That's all I got for now. For real though, you guys need to at least play Uncharted. Naughty Dog's story telling is only getting better.

Mapcore Contest Part Deux

Its been a slow process to get something I feel happy with so I'll share a sneak peek on some of what I'm starting to like. This is probably the third iteration so far when it comes to tweaking some heights and jumps. 

Currently I'm trying to get a good map flow with some good last minute twitch choices. Since Unreal Tournament is super fast paced. Not to mention all the new movement like wall running and sliding.

This is what I currently sent for the May 2nd update for Phase 1! I'll send another update on where I'm at currently for Phase 2. Back to work!

Genies & Gems. Full steam ahead!

I spent the last few days over in San Francisco for GDC AND a little “holiday get-a-way” with my girlfriend. Saw a couple things one of which was a marketing stunt for a game I’m currently working on, Genies & Gems. 

Sadly, I didn't get to see him since I was stuffing my face half the time with food and checking out the sites. Anywho that's all for now.

First Post!

Let this be a warning! This log/blog is in no way the right way to write english. It’s going to be a raw memory dump blog.

I’m going to use this section of the “Log” to document my personal work. This got me thinking that this log would be a good time to see some personal growth, good or bad. Hopefully this will be the first place I can learn where I made my mistakes to learn from.

For some exciting news for this blog, it will also be keeping track of a side project I’ve been working on called “Outer Spice”. I’ve been working on this with my good friend Benji. We are going to make it episodic in order to manage our workload to be manageable since we have some full-time jobs. I will post more progress later.

That’s all I got for now! Laters.