I took the role on Shantae and the Pirates Curse as a level designer. This included whitebox creation for the overworld & four dungeons. In those places I had to provide; general flow of the dungeon, gameplay layouts, enemy placement, item placement, and placing art for our 3d backgrounds.

In this video below it shows the first island and dungeon layouts that I worked on. I created the general layout, whitebox, puzzle creation, enemy placement, and some art placement.

On the second dungeon I was given concept art as a sneak peak to what the artists were planning. I used this as a jumping point and I decided to make the second dungeon a tall tower. This tower utilizes the new player ability, the pirate hate, to intuitively teach the player how to use it effectively. Which leads to the main meta puzzle for the dungeon, a wind machine. 

Everything in the video was designed by me. This includes the dungeon layout, room puzzles, obstacle challenges, enemy placement, and art placement.

In the third dungeon I was given a high level layout from Matt Bozon. This meant I had to fill each room with interesting puzzles for the player to solve. During my process I decided mixed things up with some stealth elements by pitching to Matt. For this I was responsible for puzzle creation, obstacle placement, art placement, and enemy placement.

Lastly, the fourth dungeon I was given more creative freedom to come up with my own dungeon from scratch. I was able to come up with the dungeons high level puzzle, as well as, individual room puzzles. I was able to do the first pass of the dungeon but then got taken off to help on another project. The puzzle creation and high level layout was created my me.