One project, Two project, THREE!

I've been slackin' on updating this blog post but I need to do some quick updates.

First Outer Spice, we just started adding in more dialog for our first test scene, right now I'm looking to get some placeholder characters so we can test out our new dialog system. Luckily the tool I'm using also has a quick time event going on, which is nice. But right now I'm digging through all my projects I've tried to deconstruct in the past, so maybe you'll be seeing a game full of Team Fortress characters in a weird checkerbox world.

Next is another project that I'm kinda codenaming "Biography". Which isn't a really good codename it's just what it is. 

I also took on a freelancing gig to help out some dudes flesh out their mobile game. Which shouldn't take up too much of my time to keep doing the other things.

Taking on three projects seems like a small mistake but at least the freelancing thing is just requiring little time. I'll post some more screenshots later. Hell. Hopefully I can finally start showing gameplay!