Projects, Projects, Projects

It's been a while since I posted any updates to my Overwatch map as well as any updates to my one of many projects "Outer Spice". Due to some life things that I had to go adult. 

I guess I'm gonna have to hold off a little while on Overwatch since I'm now helping a bunch of my buddies with their projects to hopefully become a reality. 

For now here's a small picture to keep an update on how Outer Spice is going:

It's a long long process, and this is mostly episode 1. Funny enough this is just the draft version. We still have a few more iterations to make. 

I'm gonna post more often to keep track of the other projects I have going on: Project Dva, Willy Wonka, AutoCorrect Podcast, and hopefully get back to Overwatch! (Jeez. Good luck sleep.)